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Tree Assessments-Pros-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Boynton Beach

Why Is Tree Assessment Necessary?

Trees are not only a beautiful part of our ecosystem, but they also serve the purpose of enhancing the natural beauty of our commercial and residential landscapes. However, if not maintained properly, these trees can negatively impact the surrounding environment and cause significant damage.

Regular tree assessments can help ascertain the current status and health of the trees. You can quickly determine what needs to be done, removed, or upgraded to maintain tree health. At Boynton Beach Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team, we understand that tree assessment can lead to a positive impact on nature and enhance the overall beauty of your land.

When Do I Need Tree Assessment?

Ideally, you should opt for regular tree assessment on a bi-annual basis. However, there are a lot of warning signs to look for before hiring a professional for tree assessment. Let’s take a brief look.

Canopy Thinning or Defoliation:

When the roots of a tree appear reddish and damaged, it can represent a more complex and problematic underlying cause. When a fungus is destroying a tree’s root system, it is most commonly referred to as Root rot. This rot can also cause a thinning canopy. If you see damaged roots and a thinning canopy, call an arborist for tree assessment.


Trees bleed. This is true. If any material or liquid starts oozing from a tree, it can represent an underlying problem with the healthcare of that tree. Tree bleeding can be caused by bacterial infections, wood decay fungi, insects, and other sorts of problems. Hire a professional for tree assessment.

Fungal Growth:

Any fungal presence can invariably damage the tree. Mushrooms, conks (shelf fungus), and all other sorts of abnormal fungal growths can indicate the presence of a fungal problem. The pathogen needs to be eliminated before it can grow to an irreversible state. A professional arborist can help determine the exact cause of such fungal issues and assess the tree so that appropriate measures can be taken.

Yellowish Foliage:

The vital pigment in leaves, named chlorophyll, can often vary in terms of production. A lack of this pigment can cause discoloration among leaves, and the foliage starts appearing yellowish. The yellowing of foliage, also known as chlorosis, can be a direct result of insect attacks or other underlying causes. Only a professional tree assessment can help with the determination of the cause and identify rectification techniques.

Why Should You Trust Us for Tree Assessment?

Tree assessment is a sophisticated procedure. A wrong assessment can only worsen the situation and can cause a quick degradation of a tree’s health. Therefore, it is essential to contact trusted and reliable arborists. Boynton Beach Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team is house to experts and professional arborists who can not only identify the risks but also recommend quick methods to rectify the issues.

If you want to know more about us and our tree assessment services, kindly request an estimate for your residential or commercial assessment. We look forward to hearing your concerns and answering your questions!

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