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Deep Root Injection-Pros-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Boynton Beach

What is it?

Deep root injection is a process where industrial piping equipment is used to inject fertilization under pressure into the ground, the injections are usually 3 feet apart and 2” to 12” deep. The theory is that since tree roots are deep down in the ground, the fertilizer would also need to be put deeper into the ground in order to reach the tree and deliver nutrients. Since this process requires special equipment, it is usually done by a professional hired arborist. Our trained professionals at Boynton Beach Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team can apply both deep root injection as well as surface root injection.

Fertilizing Trees

Most fibrous absorbing tree roots are found in the top 2-8″ of soil where water and oxygen are abundant. Healthy Soil = Healthy Trees! In heavily populated urban areas, our trees are not native to the environment and oftentimes need help to grow and maintain their lifespan. To help your trees live a longer and healthier life, our fertilization processes are the best option for thriving trees in the Palm Beach County area.

Customized Deep Root Fertilization

Tree roots need healthy soil, the proper balance of nutrients, and oxygen in the soil to stay healthy. Our deep root fertilization is a process where a high-quality, custom-blended, nutrient solution is injected into the root zone of trees. By aerating and injecting fertilization, it helps the trees receive oxygen and nutrients that aren’t native to the environment in which the tree was planted. This solution encourages microbial activity to enrich the soil and increases nutrient levels, providing for a healthier and thriving tree area.

Why Do I Need to Fertilize My Trees?

First things first – let’s talk about why your trees and shrubs may need deep-root fertilization. Wild trees don’t survive to maturity unless they’ve taken root in a place that meets all their needs. Compare that to trees on developed land, which are often transplanted, subjected to landscape changes, or forced to compete for nutrients with grass. 

Generally speaking, adding trees to a residential or commercial flat landscape isn’t the tree’s natural habitat, therefore they may require some assistance during their lifetime. If the trees on your property weren’t chosen properly for the site, there’s a good chance they’re not getting all the nutrients they need.

This makes for trees that grow slower, are more susceptible to insects and disease, and have shorter life spans – not exactly ideal for your backyard or commercial property. 

Your tree might be struggling to retain fertilization and nutrients if any of the following apply:

  • You live in a city or suburb
  • Your trees are established but came from a nursery
  • You have trees and shrubs that aren’t native to your area
  • You remove all leaf litter before it has a chance to break down (leaves are commonly removed in an urban area, little do some know – leaves are actually the trees natural fertilizer)

How Do I Know If My Tree Needs to Be Fertilized?

An expert will be able to assess your tree’s needs best, but here are a few of the warning signs that you can check for on your own:

  • Yellowing or off-color leaves.  Struggling trees often show signs of stress in their leaves. Trees that naturally have colored or patterned leaves don’t count.
  • New growth is under 6 inches. Flourishing trees grow 6 or more inches a year. When growth falls under that benchmark, we recommend fertilization. 
  • If the tree has started to encroach on a house, deck, or patio, you might need a treatment that will safely slow the tree’s growth while promoting root growth and maintaining health. 
  • Visible dieback from tips of leaves downward. Insect attack and disease can also contribute to dieback conditions – all diseases or other issues must be tended to before fertilization.

Do You Require Tree Fertilization?

If you have trees or shrubs that need to be fertilized or given an in-depth analysis of how to promote their best growth, please contact Boynton Beach Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team today!

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